FASST COMPANY Flexx Handlebar

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FASST COMPANY Flexx Handlebars

The Flexx Handlebars absorbs more vibration and more shock than all the conventional tube handlebars. Preventing it from being transferred to your body, this will allow you to ride longer, faster and with far more control than ever before.

1. More Control and Consistency

Less energy is required to hold on to the bars therefore allowing you to concentrate more on the actual riding and helping you choose the best line. All the abuse from the front part of the motorcycle is not transferred to the rider hands and upper body.

2. Dramatic Reduction of Vibration

The unique design along with the use of fiber bushings and elastomers prevents the metal to metal contact. This means that there will be minimal vibration transferred to the hands and upper body.  

3. Customization

Our Compression and Rebound Elastomers can be used based on the needs of the specific terrain or the rider preferences.  

4. Less Arm Pump

Reduced vibrations to the hands and abuse not transferred to the rider`s upper body translates to less arm pump and a more joyful and long lasting ride.

5. Extremely Heavy Duty

Extreme terrain and extreme conditions approved with more than 4 consecutive Erzberg finishers with our bars (Xavi Leon and Pol Tarres).  You can throw anything at these bars without having fear of breaking or bending your bars.

Please contact us to check with you the specific requirements that you may have and which Flexx Handlebar will suit you best.