Midwest Mountain Engineering Brake Lever Brembo ( B1B )

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Midwest Mountain Engineering

MME Brake Clever Lever Brembo ( B1B )

This lever utilizes the stock pivot geometry so the action is the same as a stock brake lever, the main advantages are:

  • A "shorty" lever length that allows a 1 or 2 finger operation
  • Enables you to squeeze the lever to the bar without releasing your grip
  • Wider lever with a greater surface area to better distribute the pressure on the fingers and reduce blistering
  • Ball end on the lever meets AMA safety rule requirements
  • Provides a comfortable grip reference for your fingers
  • You can maintain a tight grip on your bars with no danger of trapping your remaining fingers in between the lever and the bar in a panic grab situation
  • Machined out of 1 solid piece which translates to extreme durability

Fits the following dirt bikes:

  • KTM ’03-13 125-950 All Models with Brembo brake master cylinders

Please contact us before purchasing this product.

For fitting purposes, your original lever should be exactly like the one shown in the first photo. If you have any doubts on the actual model that you need on your bike, please make sure to contact with us first and we will be happy to check it out for you.