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The Steg Pegz are absolutely the best way to hold your motorcycle, specifically placed Pucks located in the calf area lock up to your boots therefore you don´t  need to hold the bike with your hands. As used by Toby Price.

1. Reduce Arm Pump

Less energy is required to hold on to the motorcycle by the bars therefore all the strain on the upper body and pressure on the hands gets transferred to the legs that are attached to the pegz. All the abuse from the front part of the motorcycle is not transferred to the rider hands and upper body.

2. Grip and Control the motorcycle effortlessly

Normally riders dont hold their bike with their legs like they are supposed to and hold them with their hands commonly resulting in arm-pump. By using the Steg Pegz you will unconsciously grab the bike with your legs not your hands, releasing your upper body from the abuse from the front part of the motorcycle.

3. Ride over difficult terrain faster than before

Poor bike posture and not holding the bike with your legs leads to the early appearance of arm-pump therefore you will be fatigued and not concentrated on difficult sections. By using the Steg Pegz you will have the correct riding position and you can focus more on riding at full speed instead of hanging on for dear life.

4. Increase rear wheel traction while standing under acceleration

A proper bike posture from the rider in the attack position will lead into far better traction under acceleration. Improved traction and more control will help you reduce your lap times and boost your confidence level.

Please select the correct model from the drop down menu. If for some reason you are unable to find your model on the drop down menu, please contact us for availability and fitment for your current motorcycle.

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Brendan O.
Ireland Ireland

Not E.U as advertised

Item was delivered from Australia so aswel as a long delay , I also got charged extra customs fees that I would not have been charged if they were posted from Europe