FASST COMPANY Impact Moto Pegs

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FASST COMPANY Impact Moto Pegs

The Impact Pegs Smart design isolates the cleat from metal to metal contact with the motorcycle. It will absorb more vibration and more shock than all the conventional Foot Pegs available on the market. This will allow you to ride longer, faster and with far more control than ever before.

Main advantages are:

  • Better peg traction
  • Much improved comfort while not changing the characteristic of how the peg feels
  • The rider experiences less vibration and abuse transferred to the foot
  • With the Impact Moto Peg your foot will stay planted
  • Feet, ankles and knees feel better.
  • This adds up to a better day on the bike.


1. More Control and Consistency

Better Foot peg design with more cleats makes it easier to hold on to the bike with your feet, therefore allowing you to concentrate more on the actual riding and helping you choose the best line. All the abuse from the bottom part of the motorcycle is not transferred to the foot, ankle and knees of the rider.

2. Dramatic Reduction of Vibration

The unique design along with the use of elastomers that prevents the metal to metal contact. This means there will be minimal vibration transferred to your feet, knees and lower body.  

3. Customization

New replacement cleats and elastomers are available for plug and play to keep your impact pegs always fresh and working at its best for you.

4. No Metal to Metal contact

The cleat is isolated from touching metal to metal through our base elastomer on the bottom and cup elastomers on top 10.9 bolts secure the cleat to the base, making the Impact Moto Peg not only the best performing, but the strongest aluminum peg on the market.

5. Extremely Heavy Duty

Both the cleat and the base are made out of 7075 T6 aluminum, providing the best structural integrity and wear resistance. The cleat is 77mm long by 58mm wide to provide additional support for your foot. 13 5mm Inserts are positioned for optimal traction and wear resistance. The base is shot peened and anodized, while the cleat is hard anodized for wear resistance.

Please contact us to check with you the specific requirements that you may have and the Impact Moto Pegs which  will suit you best.